What you want comes first, I just help you get there. By listening to what’s important to you, keeping your taste and budget foremost, prompting your imagination, and helping you select among your many needs and wishes, I keep you relaxed and on track to achieving your dream.

When you choose me to create your design and complete your construction plans, we work one-on-one together. Compared to larger firms, where your project would typically be handled by several people, I guide your every step. From start to finish you can expect efficiency, consistency and clarity.

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Design Process

Construction Administration

Whether you’re building new or renovating an existing home or building, here’s how we collaborate throughout the design process:

We begin by discussing your needs including total area, and type and size of all rooms.

Site Selection
To maximize the function and aesthetic beauty of your home or building we:

  • Survey your site’s existing conditions including views, orientation to sunlight and topography.
  • Consider your neighborhood setting.
  • Examine potential zoning or construction hurdles including ledge, wetlands, flood zones and high wind zones.

Schematic Design
Here we begin our creative work, communicating frequently and meeting every week or two to explore ideas, refine your vision and find solutions to any noted hurdles. Once the design is complete I request any necessary approvals (e.g., variances, zoning, wetlands, coastal area management, historic district, etc.)

Construction Documents
Upon receipt of required approvals, I complete all construction documents. These detailed plans and specifications are configured to meet building codes and to solicit comprehensive,
“apples-to-apples” construction bids. I then file your building permit and address any building department questions.

Throughout the design process we discuss the timeline for completing your project milestones. Generally you can expect:

  • The design and construction plan phases to begin and end within an agreed upon time frame.
  • Permitting issues may slow down the process.
  • Construction plan changes can be accommodated, and I help you understand the impact on your design schedule and budget.

Now you’re ready to select a builder but who should you trust? Completing a renovation, or building a new home or office is a significant investment of your funds, time and energy. You want the process to run smoothly and you want to protect your investment, but may not have the expertise or time to monitor the project as you wish.

I can help. When I represent you throughout the construction process you are:

  • Introduced to time-tested, conscientious, professional builders you can depend on.
  • Guided through the bidding process so you understand the merits and drawbacks of each quote.
  • Assured your chosen builder understands your vision and the intent of all construction plan details.

In the event you wish to make changes mid-construction, I help you choose the best solution and protect you from unintended consequences. And should difficulties arise, I resolve
differences with your builder on your behalf.

Construction administration is a flexible, hourly or fixed fee-based arrangement designed to meet your needs and budget. You are welcome to rely on my assistance at any point or
throughout the entire construction process.

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